Local to Cartersville, we are escape room enthusiasts and puzzle nerds. Having kids ourselves we often heard, “the restaurants around here are GREAT, but there’s not much else to do with families or groups. We don’t want to go all the way into Atlanta for good, clean fun.” A dream was born. 

We want MISSION: Escape to be a part of North Georgia’s vibrant activity. We love downtown and want to invite families and groups to experience our rooms. We want to offer our spaces for parties, team builders, meetings, field trips, and more. Perfect for a group date, and also for your office’s offsite.

Our Mission Statement-

Our mission is to create the greatest experience for our Mission Control technicians and employees so that, in turn, they can provide the best place to go for immersive, engaging entertainment to be shared with friends, family and coworkers.

Our Values- Our Promises & Beliefs

  1. Quality – we wholeheartedly believe that details are important and we will always maintain a strict attention to detail.  Our commitment to quality products will always be a priority. 
  2. Celebrations – when customers choose to celebrate events in their lives with us, we are honored.  We hold your celebration in high regard and we commit to making it special.
  3. Experience – we commit to creating the most vivid and immersive stories for our customers.  Our pursuit of new and interesting technologies and ideas will always support the stories we tell.
  4. Everyone that walks in the door matters – you are the reason for what we do and that will never change. We will always have a new story to tell and the work we do will never be complete. To that end, we know that EVERY person who walks through our doors matters, and their experience will always define our goals.