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Frequently Asked Questions

Escape games are real life adventures where you and your team/fellow players solve puzzles to accomplish a goal within a set time frame. You are not actually locked in at all. But it’s more fun to “race the clock to escape”!

While we do accept walk-ins we HIGHLY encourage you to book on our website in advance. We schedule labor resources to accommodate our schedule and we would hate for you to show up and there not to be room for you. Booking is super easy on our website. If it’s a last-minute decision we can still probably accommodate you – just give us a ring at 470.996.1236.

Groups with any players under 16 years old MUST have an adult (18+) player with them.

They vary! MISSION: Escape aims to create a family-friendly and inclusive environment appropriate for players ages 8+ Children younger than 8 are welcome in the rooms but will need adult help. At some point we may offer a room with a more specific age range.

Our rooms are best for at least 3 people and not more than 8. You will find specific recommendations under each room’s description.

Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your booking time, to ensure time to sign waivers and for you to receive the full agent briefing.

Yes, we have to make sure you are safe! And our Game Masters use the cameras to keep an eye on your progress and help you along the way.

We will monitor your progress throughout the escape room. The game master will provide clues if you get stuck and you can ask for 3 hints (an answer or an almost answer) to solve a puzzle.

We are unable to refund (as we schedule resources according to bookings) but we will work with you to reschedule a game if an emergency arises. You can make changes to an existing booking up to 24 hours in advance. If you have a more specific question, feel free to call us.

There are no jump-scares in our games but it is dark, there are loud “bumps”, and Mission: Cold McDuffie does incorporate strobe lights. If you have a heart condition or other concerns, please exercise caution, or call and ask us some questions. If you need additional assistance with mobility, please let us know, as there are some tight spaces in our rooms.

We ask that you refrain from taking photo or video of specific puzzles or solutions, selfies in the room are okay. We also highly encourage you to take both AFTER you’ve escaped! We’ll even pose with you if you want! And we’d love for you to tag us on social too!