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Welcome to the Wizard’s Tower Escape Room Experience, Agents!

The GCS knows no limits. They have discovered a way to travel back in time to steal the magic of the most famous wizard, Merlin. You find yourselves trapped within the confines of his ancient wizard’s tower located in the heart of Camelot. With only 30 minutes to escape, your task is to unravel the mysteries of the tower and break free from its magical confines. But beware, for the wizard’s enchantments will test your cunning and wit at every turn.

As you step into the dimly lit chamber, the air crackles with arcane energy, and the faint scent of potions fills your nostrils. The room is adorned with mystical artifacts, ancient scrolls, and peculiar contraptions that hold the key to your escape. Work together with your fellow adventurers, combining your skills and intellect to overcome the challenges that lie ahead.

Will you unravel the secrets of the wizard’s tower and make your escape before time runs out? Will you save not only Camelot, but the world, from Mildred Warburton and her heinous band of villians, the Global Crime Syndicate? Enter if you dare, and let the adventure begin!

You'll be the best party planner in all the land!


Just 30 minutes, but still loads of fun and adventure! See if you can keep your wits about you and escape the wizard’s tower before time runs. out.


We just need a standard electrical outlet and we can set up anywhere our truck can go. great for festivals, picnics, school events, and more.


Discuss your event with us and we’ll share our package plans for private events, festivals and “per booking” pricing.

Currently booking for august 1st and later.

click below to see our available booking dates.